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Searching Transactions

The search bar at the top of the page can be used to search for transactions.

Hidden transactions

The hidden eye 👁️ button next to the search bar allows you to view "hidden" transactions, i.e. transactions that I don't think are interesting. An example to that is a bank transaction for your credit card bill, for a credit card you're already getting the transactions from. Such a transaction is already displayed in better detail in your credit card transactions, so it's a sort of a duplicate and is not interesting.

Simple queries

A string value will look for that string in the description, memo category and account fields. A numeric value will look for the absolute value (X or -X) in the amount field

Multiple queries are chained with "AND", so looking for computer nam will find "namaste computers" but not "blob computers".

Spaces separate queries from each other. To look for an expression with a space in it, like Electric Company, use quotes ("Electric Company").

Complex queries

For people that want be more specific, you can use these:

  • Strings and numbers work as in "Simple Queries"
  • Use && for "and" and || for "or"
  • You can use brackets (( and )) to affect order of operations
  • Using @ indicates a specific field, like @description
  • When using @, you can use the following operators:
    • =: Contains (substring)
    • ==: Equals (not a substring, whole string has to match)
    • ~=: Regex match
    • <, >, <=, >= for numeric fields and values

An example query for finding big expenses on Wolt can be:

wolt @charged_amount<-500